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Anchor piles
This one is another mooring system of the floating installations. It is made of anchor piles and as it makes the best of the film of water, it almost totally avoids the horizontal sliding, while the freedom of the vertical movement absorbs the oscillations of the tide rise and the surge, proper to the environment.

This system is considered as the one which provides the best performance available today. It consists in fixing large tubes vertically in the seabed. Then anchoring rings are slid down and clamped tight to the floating elements.

The pile is a steel tube whose diameter, thickness and length vary according to the pressure it has to bear, and the use the installation will be given. This tube is subject to a sandblasting treatment before zinc phosphate and epoxi tar, are applied to it.

To fix the tube, its lower end is stuck in the seabed at a depth that is calculated keeping into account the composition of the ground and the load pressure to bear.

The anchoring ring is made of marine quality aluminium alloy profiles. Its structure bears two lugs on each of its four sides which hold four neoprene rollers that roll over a fixed stainless steel bolt, thus avoiding the damaging of the pile.

HEB Beams
The vertical HEB beams are fixed to the wall of the port. This system, avoids almost totally the horizontal sliding while allowing free vertical movement in order to absorb the oscillations of the tide rise and the surge.

A ring is slid down the beam and fixed to the pontoon. This ring is built with marine aluminium alloy profiles; it bears nylon rollers that pivot on a stainless steel axis which is attached to an aluminium gusseted lug.

Chains and Anchors
These are used in some specific situations instead of the pile system. This mooring system is made of concrete deadmen placed on the seabed and attached to the floating pontoon by means of steel chains.

Each deadman is provided with anchoring rings for the fastening of the upper end of the chain. This chain is made of steel and is dimensioned for its special task.

The location of each deadman is studied for each project according to the dimensions and configuration of the marina, as well as the special features of the area.
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