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The pontoon is reached from land by means of gangways.

The main structure of the gangway is a lattice type profile system, manufactured in marine quality aluminium alloy, 6005 T6, welded in neutral Argon gas atmosphere which runs on both sides, and apart from servings as handrail it strengthens the central walking path.

The walkway is made of wood or technical wood. It is provided with grips to land, pontoon rolls so that it can slide according to the oscillation of the tide, and hinge protector ramps.

The high gangway system is used when the pontoons are far away from the wharf. In this case, gangway modules are leaned over piles to reach the pontoons or the necessary bathymetry.

Their features and dimensions vary depending on the tidal range and the distance to be covered.

Althought the following measures are the most common ones, we can build them in any required size:
Lengths: up to 20 m.
Standard widths: 1 m., 1.5 m. and 2.00 m.

El suelo puede ser de madera o suelo sintético o técnico en imitación madera. Este último con un sistema propio patentado y en exclusiva para fijación que queda oculto y no necesita ni de clavos ni de tornillos y hace que la superficie esté limpia y se pueda andar descalzo con total seguridad  incluye un perfil antideslizante para  pendientes.
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