Astilleros Amilibia
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The guide pile is installed on a floating platform which will take it to the appropriate spot where it will be driven into the seabed by a piloting crane. This last action is performed by means of a 2310 kg hammer which is on the top of the crane tower and is operated by a winch.  

The vertical free fall of the hammer is from 4 to 5mts, at a speed of 9.9 m/sec. (V=2gh, h=5mts), being the impact magnitude around 22.90Tn (2.31 x 9.9). In a metal tube of 508mm diameter and 8.70mm wall thickness (average value).

Astilleros Amilibia
 » Longitud de la arista inferior (∏ x D) = 159,59 cm 
 » Ancho de arista, sin chaflán = 0,87 cm 
 » Superficie de apoyo en el fondo = 138,84 cm2 
 » Presión sobre el terreno = 165,93 Kg/cm2 
Astilleros Amilibia
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