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The pontoon is the main element of a marina. It is made of a resistant structure of aluminium alloy profiles of marine quality 6005, T6, welded in neutral Argon gas atmosphere through MIG system, and a walkway surface made of wood or recycled plastic which is used as a mooring wharf for yachts, as well.

After years of experience, our engineers and professionals have perfected the system which has become one of the most successful achievements of the international market, for the following reasons:
Lower cost and longer lasting.
Fast installation.
Low maintenance cost.
Easy access to services (power, water, wiring, sewage).
Modification possibility, to suit the configuration of the port.
Environmentally friendly.

The design of the profiles includes the grip for the floor boards and the floats, as well as various groovings which go around its perimeter to facilitate the fixing of the different accessories with Halfen screws.

The structure of the pontoons is proportional to the two kinds of efforts it has to bear:

A horizontal force caused by the boats moored to it.
A vertical force caused by the users of the pontoon.

The dimensions are adapted to the demands of the project and we try to optimize its cost, for our customers to get good value for their money. The dimensions are the following ones:

Lengths: from 12 m. to 6 m.
Widths: 2 m., 2,5 m. and 3,00 m.

Apart from the above mentioned ones, Astilleros Amilibia U.S.L. offers different pontoon structures according to the efforts they have to withstand. Among other types there are the following ones: ASE-600, ASE-700, ASE-900, ASE-11000, ASE-20000.

They are easily joined to each other together by means of high resistance elastomer chocks and stainless screws.

The technical gallery is developed to take the services to every mooring. This can be built in any dimension.
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